Virtual Residence

​Virtual homes created in Second Life by Australian designer David Hollywood who has a background in architecture and the performing arts. The homes explore a number of styles, from Australian Heritage to New England Cottages, from Provence to Bruges.  

Orana Cottage in the virtual world, Second Life

Orana Cottage in the virtual world, Second Life

Virtual Residences created in Second Life

I have designed a number of homes for avatars in Second Life. These new social spaces make for wonderful theatre. In every instance, these worlds have been built from primitives and textures to trigger recognition and to facilitate the kind of immersion that can occur in these virtual environments.


Gambrel style shingle residence with bifold doors opening on three sides to generous porches. Above the open plan living room is a studio style bedroom/study with pocket doors leading to an oversized bathroom. The home was designed to capture the feel of a breezy summer's day, embracing the sea and sky. 


I wanted to give the world a taste for Australian styling and heritage. I created three homes based on classic Federation homes that can be found throughout the country. Federation refers to the period before and after 1901 when the various states and territories of Australia became one nation.