​Images of Chicago from my visit in 2011, including homes in Oak Park, and a tour of the recently refurbished Robie House by Frank Llyod Wright.

Chicago 2011

Here is a city that has wholeheartedly embraced modernity. The first skyscrapers were built here. Frank Lloyd Wright began his career here. It is also a city that embraces the arts. You could smell that good soul energy when u emerged from the underground. Here are some glimpses of a city I connected with.

Frank Lloyd Wright lived in the outer suburb of Oak Park. The bare trees reveal to my eye some extraordinary homes. If you compare these everyday, middle class homes with the federation cottages springing up in Australia at the time, you might understand what kind of impact this landscape has had on me.

I was privileged to be one of the first people to see the restored top floor of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. The internal spaces have a strange quality to them. Today, we seem to want open space to the landscape, to make the building almost disappear. Whereas in Robie House you are always conscious of how the space is being controlled and squeezed. The building is substantial and grounded. When you are inside a Frank Lloyd Wright building you get a real sense of the man. I don't think they would be homes you could put your mark on or live in forever but they do elevate your spirit and your intellect.