​David Hollywood has a background in architecture and theatre. He has created virtual models of heritage buildings for Arkansas State University, including the boyhood home of Johnny Cash, has been artistic director and producer for the Q Theatre Company in Sydney and has been artistic director for the acclaimed youth theatre comapny based int he Blue Mountains, Out of the Blue Performing Arts (1999-2003)

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I was born in Sydney in 1955, the year that Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California.

To this day I can recall the wonder and yearning that spread around the globe as that park came into being. Each week, on the new medium of television, Walt prepared the world for what was coming. 

Disneyland's impact is still underestimated in my view. For, here was the impossible, the fantastic, the dream being stamped onto the ground in concrete (literally) for everyone. Here was Versailles for the masses.


I am a child of the atomic era, so I responded particularly well to the notions embedded in 'Tomorrowland'.  I grew up in a 'fibro' suburb west of the city (Auburn). My family and all our neighbours were targeted by advertisers. We were part of the vast populace who were destined to reap the benefits of the space age.

Today, Auburn is unrecognisable. And that is a good thing. My mum is still there in the same fibro cottage which has been extended and extended, but almost every original neighbour has vanished from the scene as people from all nations moved to this new world (Australia) to make it their home.

Throughout my life I have brought many new worlds into being. Often they appear in unexpected places... the Australian premiere of the Broadway production of Tommy in the Springwood Civic Centre, for instance; or, Les Miserables inside Panthers World of Entertainment with the pokies raging in the gaming hall adjacent to the theatre; the opening of the Spring Racing Carnival at Caulfield Racecourse with stars of the Victoria State Opera performing alongside jockeys and Myer models; the boyhood home of Johnny Cash recreated in a virtual reality. These are just some examples of my work.

It is important to me that all kinds of people have the opportunity to experience the magic of performance or the transformative power of a beautiful work of art, and that this can happen anywhere. For me, the idea that a people's culture has a centric quality, that there is a holy core and beyond that a wasteland, is absolutely deadly. The future of the arts in my country is reliant on the untangling of this colonial myth. 

Now, in nuts and bolts terms...

  • Master of Architecture Curtin University
  • Bachelor Science (Architecture) Sydney University
  • Master of Performance (Directing focus) University of Western Sydney
  • familiar with Photoshop, Sketchup, Second Life (building) and Archicad





For twenty five years I lived in the village of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains. There, in a World Heritage National Park, I was privileged to find myself in a wonderful community of artists and people who love the arts.

Charles Darwin Walk, Wentworth Falls

Charles Darwin Walk, Wentworth Falls